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Poms of Many Colors


These are all Poms that I have owned, rescued or bred myself. 
This is a representation of just a few of the Many and Varied colors that Poms come in.
"All colors, patterns, and variations there-of are allowed and must be judged on an equal basis."
Scroll over the pictures to read the color identification.


Orange Sable Lavender also called Beaver - except this dog has a blue nose, beaver would be a chocolate nose. Black Parti Cream Black Parti Factor Orange with White Markings (Parti Factor) White Blue Cream Sable Irish Marked Parti Brindle Parti Black Parti Black Paibald Parti Black Parti Blue Black with White Markings (Parti Factor) Orange Orange Sable with White Markings (Parti Factor) Chocolate Orange Cream Parti Red Sable Cream Sable Parti Orange Piabald Parti Black and Tan Tri Color Parti (Black and Tan Parti) Black and Cream Black and Tan Parti (Tri-Color Parti) Black Parti Chocolate Black with White Markings (Black Parti-factor) Orange Sable Parti Black Brindle Chocolate Piabald Parti Cream Orange with Chocolate Sable Blue and Tan Wolf Sable Black Parti Blue Brindle Cream Cream Black with White Markings (Parti Factor)

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