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Please DO NOT use the directions on MapQuest or your GPS system.
After turning North on Hwy 47 it generally tries to make another turn, putting you in the wrong location.

Our House is on Hwy 47 North (also called Nehalem Hwy S)
8 miles North of Hwy 26 and 6 miles South of Vernonia.

If you are coming through Portland follow the signs to Ocean Beaches.
Here are more detailed directions for getting from the East side by Troutdale through Portland.

If you are coming from the Seattle area there is a shortcut across the mountain at Longview.
Click here for detailed directions for coming to us from the North.

If you are coming from the South on I5, take Hwy 217 (exit 292), then Hwy 26 West at the end.
Stay on Hwy 26 either lane for about 20 miles
Do not take Hwy 6 exit - stay on 26
Hwy will change to two lanes, about 6 miles later you will see a Dairy Queen
In another 2 miles, at the turn for Stub Stuart State Park, you will turn right (North) there onto Hwy 47.

The address :
54582 Nehalem Hwy S
Vernonia, OR 97064

Just after you enter Columbia County, and North of “Mile Marker 69” (5 driveways between the marker and our drive).

 On a Straight Stretch beginning at Mile Post 69, we are just North of Gasoline Ally wrecking yard, before the curve.  Double Wide Trailer on the east (right if you are headed North) side of the road, with a
LARGE shop and TALL Ham Radio antenna on top.

BEFORE you get to the CURVE sign, you will see our driveway.  There is one a pillar cone, and a barrel on each side of the driveway.  In the barrels there is an ivory silhouette of a Pomeranian and the number on the Poms. There are other drives that have cones, but none with two of the pillar type and none have the barrels or Poms..

Phone 503-703-2923
FAX 503-429-7037

Click the image for larger pictures

Picture pointing North as if you are coming from Highway 26.
In the distance you see the curve of the road.
Our drive is right there between the pillars by the Pom silhouette.
NOTE:  The Poms are now in barrels, one on each side of the driveway.
We are the only paved driveway in this streatch.
If you get to Vernonia Springs, you just missed us.

This picture is facing South at our place - if you are coming from the North (Vernonia) you are almost to our drive,
if you are coming from the South (Hwy 26) you have passed our drive.

This one is facing in at our place.


Directions for coming to us from the North
We are located just South of Vernonia. 

From I5 North of Vancouver head to Longview and – take exit #36.  This will take you into industrial Longview.  You will come to Oregon Way and take a left.  This goes right across the Lewis and Clark Bridge to Hwy 30

 Cross the Longview bridge and take a right on Hwy 30.  You will go up the hill.

At the very top of the hill, just past the center divider, there is a left to Vernonia on Larsen Road.

That will take you past the Cemetery.  At the 4-way stop turn right onto Old Rainier Road.

A couple of miles and there is a Y in the road.  You will take the left up the hill.
This is Apiary Road  From there you will stay on that road for until you get to Highway 47

At Hwy 47 you will go left to Vernonia.  Stay on Hwy 47 through town. 

Before the main bridge you will bear right.

Cross the main bridge.  At the top of the hill you will pass the fire department and the museum.  At the bottom of the hill you will see the school, then a smaller bridge at Rock Creek and the main part of town.  Once you get through town there will be a flashing light, turn left there.  This is still Hwy 47. 

We are about 6 miles from that point on the left hand side. 
You will pass Vernonia Springs, and we are the next driveway on the same side.  On our driveway there are two orange pillar cones and two barrels.  We are on one of the only straight stretches in the highway.  All on the left (west) side of the road near mile marker #69 (of course the actual mile marker generally gets stolen within a few days of getting replaced).

Picture pointing South as if you are coming from Vernonia.
From here you would have passed the curve and Vernonia Springs, our drive is just past the sign on the left side of the road.

Detailed directions for coming through Portland from the East side of the state.

You will be coming in on Hwy 84 from Troutdale
Stay in the right 2 lanes past Hwy 205 to Seattle
Then get into the far left land all the way through.

You will see I5 to Seattle, stay left lane
Over the bridge, stay left lane
After bridge stay in left lane, will see Ocean Beaches, stay in left lane
go through the tunnel and stay left, you are now on Hwy 26
You will pass the Zoo
Stay left past Hwy 217

The hard part is done now.

Stay on Hwy 26 either lane for about 20 miles
Do not take Hwy 6 exit - stay on 26
Hwy will change to two lanes, about 6 miles later you will see a Dairy Queen

In another 2 miles, at the turn for Stub Stuart State Park, you will turn right (North) there onto Hwy 47.

We are 8 miles from that point.  Scroll up to see the more detailed pics of our location on 47.


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