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In The AKC Ring
"And this... is what it's all about."

Here's what's showing in 2019

BC n' So-Me I Got Daddy's Give-A-Dam "Justin"
AKC Major Pointed
Co-owned and Co-bred with Lori Solomon

BCPoms Double Down "DD"
AKC Pointed
Currently being shown by Lori


Noble n' BCPoms Mountain Of Love "Johnny"
Co-Bred with Noble Inglett
Currently being shown by me.



Finished AKC Ch's

2016 - received AKC Breeder Achievement award.

CH BCPoms Gotta Love Lucy "Lucy"
DOB 02/14/16 Finished 2018
Currently being shown by Lori and myself


CH BCPoms You Otter Be Me "Ollie"
 DOB 10/05/2014 Finished 09/2016
Finished and currently being shown by Lori in the breed ring.

CH BCPoms Summertime Twist "Sunny"
DOB 05/22/2013  Finished 06/2016
Finished by Lori Solomon


CH BCPoms Shot In The Dark "Shooter"
DOB 12/16/2012 Finished 2016
Lovingly shown by Stacey Dickinson and Lori Solomon

Bred by me - Owned by Stacey Dickinson & Me

CH BCPoms Parti With The Stars "Starr"
DOB 12/09/2013 Finished 06/2016
Finished by Lori Solomon



GCHB CH BCPoms Mozart's Toy Symphony "Mozart"
DOB 12/30/2013 Finished 02/2016  GCH 2019
Shown and finished by Lori Solomon www.So-MeHandling.com

CH BCPoms The Skky's The Limit  "Skky"
DOB  01/05/2013   Finished 07/2015
Shown and finished by Lori Solomon


CH BCPoms a Mothers Rose  "Rosie"
DOB 05/15/2012  Finished 2014
Shown by Lori Solomon www.So-MeHandling.com

GCH CH BCPoms Out For Victory "Tory"
DOB 05/15/2012  Finished 2014
Shown to CH by myself and Lori, shown to GCH by Lori Solomon


GCH CH BCPoms Shimmering Sno Angel "Angel"  DOB 05/11/2009
Championship finished entirely from the BBE ring.  Specialed by Lori Solomon www.So-MeHandling.com to her GCH

GCH CH BC n' WGA What's Your Flava "Twista"  DOB 04/29/2010
Twista started showing and accomplished his first 6 points, including his first major, with me in BBE,
then was shown by Lori Solomon www.So-MeHandling.com  to CH and Grand CH.
GRAND CHAMPION; 6 BOB, 3 Group 2 and 6 Group 4.

CH  BCPoms Chantilly Lace "Chantilly"  DOB 03/05/10
AKC BOB winner - finished with three majors in an economy where it is very difficult to find majors.
Handled exclusively by Lori Solomon www.So-MeHandling.com

CH  GnBC's Between Friends W ShelleLee "Buddy" DOB 11/20/06
AKC BOB winner
Co-Owned with ShelleLee Poms & Gemini Poms 
Handled by Lori Solomon (9 points, including his first major) and finished by Celeste Solano.

CH BCPoms Dancin' Giggles-n-Grins "Giggles" DOB 11/03/06
UKC CH  My first home bred Champion.
Giggles was shown by Geri Arnold www.ArnetteHandling.com

CH Xena's Silver Mojo CGC "Mojo" DOB 11/15/01
AKC CH / Intl CH / UKC BIS Grand CH  AKC BOB win and 2 UKC BIS wins
Mojo's first Major was handled by Rox Mellem of www.SoMePoms.com,
his second was by myself then he was finished by Geri Arnold with two more Majors and a BOB.


Past and Present

BCPoms Wookie Warrior BN, RA, NAP, NJP, NFP  "Gavin"
Gavin is owned and shown by Stacy Dickinson

BCPoms Cloud's Final Bow NTD "Kodiak"  
DOB 03/07/2010
Kodiak is owned and shown by Michelle Gordon

BCPoms Dancehall Floozie NAJ "Mattie"  
DOB 03/09/2008 - 2017
Mattie is owned and shown by Ann Griffith Morris
Photos by

BCPoms Mr. Tuff Guy RN "Bogie"  
DOB 04/07/2005 - 2016
Bogie is loved, owned and shown by Ann Griffith Morris


by Connie Cleveland

On the occasion of my tenth anniversary, my husband asked me how I wanted to celebrate. I asked that we take a very dear friend, my adopted grandmother and one of the greatest of all the great southern ladies, out to dinner with us.

At dinner, my husband, Brian, presented me with a diamond ring. It was gorgeous and I was speechless, but even as I thanked him, I worried about the expense and extravagance of such a gift. As if he knew that the next line belonged to my grandmother, my husband excused himself from the table.  He was barely out of sight when she reached across the table and grabbed me by the shoulder, "I know what you're thinking, I know you think he couldn't afford it and it's too extravagant. I don't care if he had to put a second mortgage on the house to buy it, don't you steal his joy! It's beautiful. Accept it as the token of his love that it is and say nothing about how he shouldn't have bought it for you." Then she repeated, "Don't you dare steal his joy!"

That was the end of the conversation. She sat back in her seat, smiled at my returning husband, and we had a lovely dinner. I took her advice and put my reservations out of my mind. The ring has never come off my finger, but most importantly, I learned a wonderfully important lesson, never to steal
another man's joy.

Are you a joy stealer?

"You know if my dog hadn't gone down on the sit, I would have won the class",
said, unfeelingly, to the winner.

"I sure didn't think your dog worked that high a score."

"I can't believe you placed, I thought Jane Oneup and her dog would beat you."

"I thought I had that class won! My dog had a great performance, " said to the winner.

"Isn't that judge an idiot? I can't believe the dogs he put up!" said to the winner.

"Boy, aren't you glad Mrs Winallthetime wasn't here today or you might not have won."

"You passed that Master test because the water blind was so easy."
"That was the stupidest set of water marks I've ever seen. No trial should end that easily,"
said to the winner.

Do you discourage or encourage fellow competitors? Do you tell them their goals are too lofty and their dreams too big? Are you trying to be helpful or trying to keep them from accomplishing something that you never had the ability or perseverance to do yourself? It is equally as harmful to steal joy by destroying the dream.

"No Basset Hounds get UD's," said to the owner of the Bassett in Utility class.
"I've never seen a Rottweiler that could do fronts and finishes",
said to the owner of the Rottweiler practicing fronts and finishes.
"Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a UD and a Master Hunter? Do you know how few people have ever done it?" said to the first time dog owner setting out to do both.

When FC AFC OTCH Law Abiding Ezra had both his field championships and 65 OTCH points including all the necessary first places, someone had the guts to come up to me, his owner, trainer and handler and say, "No dog will ever be a field champion and an obedience champion." My jaw drops when I think about it. Isn't it unfortunate that I remember this attempt at stealing my joy much more than I remember all the cards and letters and congratulations I received when those last 35 points were earned?

If you are willing to destroy someone's dream, perhaps you don't realize that it is the JOY of pursuing the dream that keeps the dreamer motivated, not just reaching the accomplishment.

My husband and I travel and compete together. I remember an event, early in our relationship when I watched his Doberman fail articles. "Darn it, " I said, as he came out of the ring," she didn't even try to find the right one!" "Oh", he replied, "but, weren't her heeling and signals wonderful?"

Unknowingly, I had almost stolen his joy. He was celebrating the improvement on the exercise that had been giving him trouble, and I was focused on the failure. Since that experience, Brian and I have learned that the best response to a questionable performance, "What did you think?" That way, if the handler is excited about some aspect of the performance, you can share that excitement. If the handler is disappointed in another aspect, you can share the disappointment. You are safely removed from being a joy stealer.

I hope you have a lot of dreams and goals for your dogs in the coming year. Undoubtedly there will be moments of disappointment as you venture through the landmines of injury, failures and other setbacks. Remember that the joy of the journey is worth the difficulties along the way and don't let anyone steal that joy. Guard it well and at he end of the road you can own it and revel in it with all the other memories of the trip.

Be supportive of your co-exhibitors.
Don't "Steal" their joy.

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