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 December 2007 flooding...

This link shows pictures of Vernonia and the surrounding area from FOX news.

Click on the pictures below to see the larger versions.

This is our front yard, standing at the edge of the upper flood plane.
Normally this creek is only about 10' wide
This is the loading dock.  See the railroad ties on the right?
They water was onto the second tie down.  This dock is 5 railroad ties high.
This is what  "normal" is one the flood plane and our meandering little creek.
In the center of the right picture you can see the  loading dock that is in the top set.
This is the same place as in the pictures above, the right is from the backside of the creek looking toward the house.  All others are looking the opposite way.
The above left picture shows the fence toward the dog run.
This is the first part of the lake that covered the bottom step in the dog run.
On the right you can see that the back driveway was filled with lakes, but not to threatening.  Until...
... you see what is happening on the other side of the road.
Here you can see that the water was at road level. 
These pictures were not the crest and the water did get onto the road, but not much.

Below is the river that was coming down the driveway making the lake above.

Pat braved an excursion to town, here is what he found.
Above are about 2 miles up from our place; below are on the backside of town.  For those of you we have taken to eat at the Chinese restaurant, that green building on the left is that restaurant.
Here is what the locals do during a flood...
They are looking at a car that is covered with water.  In the bottom right picture you can just barley see the top of the car.  Click on that picture and you will get a larger size, showing the location of the car.
This is a beer truck just coming our of the flooded spot.  At the deepest point the water was half-way up the side of the truck.  Pat wasn't quite quick enough to get that snap... and funny... the driver just wouldn't do it again...
All in all we were safe and warm.  I had some worried hours as Pat made it to work before the flooding was bad, and we weren't sure that he was going to be able to get home.  He was in his little Stealth and there was no way he would have made it through some of this.  With the creative use of some back roads he did make it home, before it hit its crest. Noonish the power went out and was out all night.  The phone still isn't on and it is now 10:00AM on the 5th.

One of the greater natural losses is the losses is of the Worlds Largest Sitka Spruce.
This tree was over 700 years old and is now gone.



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