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October 2005 Pom Reader
Kennel Visit

    Right off the top we would like to thank Sharon and Benson for allowing us this opportunity to tell our story.  We are feeling rather un-worthy of this as of yet as we have so far to go for our dreams to come to fruition.  We are very proud of what we have learned so far and are just now getting to the point of seeing our dreams come true.

    We just love to hear the stories of how people got involved in Poms, the trials and the triumphs. Our story is actually three stories in one.  The story of Gemini n' Beaver Creek Poms has to start with the stories of Gemini Poms and Beaver Creek Poms as we are as much separate entities as we are partners. 
Trish's Story - When Christy called me with the news about the article from Benson I was stunned, I thought this was years away.   I know how hard I have worked to get where I am but, I also know where I want to be, and I feel like I still have so far to go.  I guess to start at the beginning; In 1995 I got my first Pom as a birthday gift from my husband, after YEARS of begging for a little red fluffy dog. I had no idea at the time that they came in other colors!  She was the prettiest, cutest, littlest thing I had ever seen.  Our "little" Zuzu got to be around 15 lbs! 

Trish’s oldest son Austin and Zuzu in 1994

     I soon became interested in knowing more about the breed and began looking for a Pom Club to join.  I got the feeling that a newcomer was not welcome so I stopped looking and decided to make a go of breeding on my own.  I was very lucky through this time as I never did run into the many

Sakari Silver Moon with sons Bubba and Souvenir

problems that can happen. During this time I received a call from Lora Heil-Frone who was on a quest for a white girl.  We hit it off right away and became friends.  When she found a litter with two white girls she called me ecstatically and insisted we get these sisters.  We were off to bring home Xena and Sakari.  I promised my husband that I wouldn't bring home "another dog" unless she was perfect.  Of course, she was...  Sakari, with her modest pedigree, has become my foundation.  I like that she passes on her exuberance for life; she never meets a stranger.  At that time I didn't realize she has great quality as well.

     After I brought home Sakari to join the 2 Poms we already had I promised my husband that “there will only be maybe 1 more Pom.” Later I changed the promise to "I will only keep 1 from this litter."  Then it got to where he would ask "how many from this litter are you keeping?"  Now he doesn't even ask, he just holds and kisses the newest arrivals.  He has come to a place where all I have to do is sign the dogs up for the next show and he comes along ready to cheer me on or take the lead whenever I need him to.  He also stays home to care for the pack (kids AND dogs) through the long show weekends when Christy and I are on the road.   Thank you, Honey, for your loving support and encouragement of my passion.

     My first encounter with showing I owe to Linda Tindle.  She had come to me looking for a companion puppy and I sold her what I believed to be a beautiful boy.  Later she informed me that she had become interested in showing and was going to have my baby boy in the Rose City Classic.  Since I believed this to be the best litter I had ever had I was totally excited about the prospect.  I was very naive about what it took to show.  Enthusiastically, I invited Lora and she invited her new friend, Christy and off we went to cheer him on.  While we were there Linda introduced us to Dorothy Trosino and Robin Reiman.  That introduction has forever changed my life.

     Dorothy was so kind and immediately invited us to the upcoming Pom Club meeting, which I was thrilled to attend.  At that time I helped manage a small online community with a great guy named Dan Felix.  He encouraged me to show my dogs and continually told me that if he could do it I could!  He explained the point system to me again and again.  So I decided to jump into the ring.  My first shows were in the International shows for the experience and I loved it!  It didn’t take me long to decide I wanted to show in AKC.

   At one of the first AKC shows I attended, I saw the handsome dog Robin was working on finishing, Dannylad’s Rockin Robin Dannyboy, and he was the prettiest Pom I had ever seen!  I knew I wanted puppies that looked just like him.  I asked Robin if I could use Danny, and when she said yes, I was overjoyed!  I was more excited about this breeding than any other litter.  It was during the Brush Prairie Cluster that my babies made their arrival.  This litter produced my first show hopefuls which included Gemini’s Rockn One Nite Stand "Souvenir", Gemini’s Ace In The Hole "Ace" and Gemini’s Rockn Bells N Wsls "Belle".   I was pleasantly surprised to find a gorgeous silver cream sable out of the breeding.  I now strive to produce quality creams with regularity.  I wanted to keep all of them, but knew if I was going to stay small I would need to place one of the boys.  I made arrangements for my

CH Gemini's Rockn One Nite Stand "Souvenir"

friend Lisa Mason to keep the best of the litter allowing me to work with the more timid of the boys.  As Ace matured it became obvious that he didn't want to be a show dog, eventually we found him a wonderful home where he is adored.

    After that experience, I hit the ground running and haven't looked back.  Lisa and I chose to co-own Souvenir and I started showing him when he turned 6 months old in the Rose City Classic.  He finished in the same show as his sire did 2 years earlier and exactly 1 year from the first time he stepped in the ring, even after I took 5 months off to have a baby.  Amazingly Souvenir took Reserve Dog over some beautiful Specials 3 of the 4 days in his very first show!  He LOVES the ring and he acts like everyone is there just to see him.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have his papers in order to keep the Reserves, which was a great lesson for me.  He finished quickly which was a bit disillusioning for me.  To have one be this easy the first time out gets you to thinking that they are all going to be that easy to finish… it isn't, trust me...  This joint venture has been a real blessing to me as Lisa has become one of my closest friends and I consider myself lucky to know her.  She has helped with entry fees and shared each victory with me.  In fact she was there the day “Souvenir” took his first points.  What a day! 

     After this first great litter, I decided that I wanted black and tans.  I asked our Pom club President and my mentor, Dorothy, if I could use her ‘ol black and tan guy “Tuffy”- CH Raintree’s Tuff E Nuff for my next Sakari breeding.  During the Rose City Classic I came home from showing, worked into the night whelping puppies and went back to the show the next morning, pleased to inform Dorothy that we had grand puppies.  This litter included Gemini’s Blu Rebel Tuff "Bubba",

Gemini's TufrThnUThnk at SinCity “Zoe”

Gemini’s LeFem Tuff Nikita "Nikki" and Gemini’s TufrThnUThink “Zoë” (Zoë is nearly finished and is owned by Michele of Sin City Poms).  What I expected to get from this breeding were three black and tans.  What I got were 2 black and tan females and (the shocker) a BLUE AND TAN male.  I am finding that even with his amazing quality and

Gemini’s Blu Rebel Tuff “Bubba"

movement, a blue and tan is not as easy to finish as his more standard colored brother was.  He is worth it in every way so I will keep on showing him.  Black and tan is my other favorite colored Pom.

     I was so pleased with the first litter from Danny that I decided to do it again.  Robin was tickled with Souvy and Belle and decided that she wanted one of these as well.  With this breeding we produced our newest hopefuls Gemini’s Wam Bam ThankYou Dan "DJ", Gemini Rockin Robin Let ‘Em Talk "Gossip" and Gemini’s Rockin Robin Dakari (Dakari now belongs to Robin).  I am so proud of the puppies that have come from this pretty girl, Sakari.   At this rate she should have a well deserved ROM before we know it.

     I am now able to see my boys, Souvy and Bubba, become sires and I have been extremely pleased with what they are giving me.  I intend to Special Souvy through 2006.  It will be great to see what this boy can do, now that he is all grown up.  This time next year there will be a full generation of Gemini Poms strutting their fluff.  I take such pride in seeing this all come together.  Careful planning and research can really pay off.  Now we are waiting to see how the first generation of Gemini girls produce.  Thank you Jesse Klein for being so generous in taking such great care of Belle for me while she is there breeding to your Breaker son, Stage.

Gemini’s Rock’n Bells n’ Wisls “Belle”

      All of our puppies are socialized with ours, and the neighborhood children, and are raised with our family.  Once they have their vaccinations, they get to go to school for "Show and Share" with the kids.  That is a huge thrill for the little classmates and the puppies always LOVE the new faces they get to kiss!  I disagree wholeheartedly that Poms are not a dog suitable for a home with children.  I believe that children just need to be taught how to treat them.  Our dogs are first and foremost our pets.  They run around our home, come with us to friends houses and accompany us on our family outings; camping (that's a hoot!), beach trips and visits to family's houses.  My family and friends know that where the Inman’s are... there are the Poms.  After years of Poms in tow, I have even gotten my best friend, Michelle McGillivary, interested in showing.  She has enjoyed coming to shows with us and handles a Pom or two of ours until she has her own bred-by to show.  It is so great to have this to share with her, along with our family traditions and our children.

     All of my decisions about who and when to breed revolve around showing and producing a solid and sound foundation of Poms for myself.  I breed Poms with the standard as my guide, trying to get show potential Gemini puppies for myself and my close-knit network of friends.  I must thank my friends and co-breeders in this endeavor as they have helped me come a long way in getting where I am.  A great debt of gratitude for my friend and partner, Christy, without her this journey wouldn't be the same!  My friends in Poms have helped me produce quality dogs, by sharing dogs, experiences, tears and laughter.  I am always thinking at least a generation ahead with each breeding and how it will impact my line of Poms in the future.  Breeding a quality and sound line of Poms is always a work in progress.  I strive to couple the best sire and dam pair that will emulate the lines I admire and that will compliment the lines I strive to improve.  Every generation I must set for myself a “quality line”, and pups which fall below that line I must not breed.  Every generation my “quality line” must be raised higher.  A quote that has become meaningful to me comes from Percy Roberts- "A Breed Standard is a blueprint, The Breeder is the builder and the Judge is the inspector." 


Christy's Story - It really feels strange to be telling "my story".  I didn't think of Beaver Creek as having a story yet, but here it goes.  I am very complimented by the request to share my experiences and will ever be thankful of the opportunity.

The first Pom I remember was Smokey, who belonged to my mother.  She got him just after I was married.  Smokey was a beautiful orange heavy sabled boy.  In looking back, I believe he had the quality that he could have finished.  Smokey was as much Dad's baby as Mom's.  He was all Pom, with that loving disposition we are so taken with.  His favorite spot was sitting on Dad's shoulder in the easy chair.  I decided then that I would have a Pom when the time was right.

The summer of 1994, I decided that the time was right and with the aid of my niece, Angel who was staying with us for a couple of weeks, we went looking for the perfect black Pom.   We came home that day with Gypsy who was the cutest thing I had ever seen.  Gypsy turned out to be one of those very Victorian looking girls: long legs, big ears, we all know the look.  I had it in my mind, even then, that I wanted to breed Gypsy, but there always seemed to be some reason to wait.  Now I realize that my instincts were telling me that breeding her wasn't the right thing to do.

Xena’s Silver Mojo

     During Thanksgiving of 2001 after three days of fighting for her life, I lost Gypsy.  I believe now that had I known more about hypoglycemia, and how to treat it, I may have been able to save her or at least given her a better chance at life.  This is why it is so important to me that people are educated about the health issues that are part of small breed dogs.  Whenever I place a pet puppy, the new parent gets all the information that I can provide on this and other issues found in our breed.

     After loosing Gypsy, it only took a few days to come to the conclusion that I needed another Pom in my life and by Christmas I had found Xena's Silver Mojo "Mojo" with Lora Heil-Frone.  Mojo saved me, he loved me and I loved him immediately.  I had thought that Gypsy was wonderful, but Mojo had it all, personality, coat and the “look”.  I knew then that I was right in not breeding Gypsy.  At that point I also decided that I was going to do what I had always dreamed.  I was going to get a few dogs and be a Pom Breeder.  I told my husband, only three or four....  What a naive little thought that was...  I started off on my search for a couple of girls to breed Mojo to. 

Leys Mystic Dream Cloud
Xena’s Silver Mojo

     About that same time Lora invited me to go to a dog show at the Expo Center (Rose City Classic).  She indicated that her friend, Trish, had a puppy and it was going to be shown.  I was game, since I had decided to breed, I wanted to be smart about it and getting to know other breeders seemed to be the right thing to do.   For me, going to that show was a life changing event.  That was when I first met Trish, and where we first met Dorothy and Robin.  These three people have had more influence in my life than any others.   I was enchanted by the show, totally hooked in just a few minutes.   The following month we (Trish, Lora, Linda and myself) joined the Columbia Pomeranian Club and the adventure began.

     Within weeks I had purchased two more girls; and, Trish and I had found a wonderful friendship.  We were finding that we had a great deal in common, we shared beliefs and we were developing goals that were very much aligned.

      When l went looking for Mojo I was just looking for a pet with the thought in the back of my mind that I might do just a bit of breeding.  I hadn't given a second thought to the quality of a dog, whether they should be bred, what kind of health issues are in the lines, let alone structure, type and movement.  I got lucky in that Mojo has turned into a wonderful boy with a great personality, structure and movement.  We now have the roughest part of his points done with both majors in the bank and closing in on his Championship.  I owe Roxann Mellem and Lori Solomon so much for their never ending encouragement and for putting Mojo’s International title on him as well as his first AKC Major (while I was on vacation, even…).

     I find the growth stages of my fur babies to be amazing.  Watching them grow, going through their "puppy uglies" and maturing into adulthood.  I have learned so much.  One of the biggest things I keep in mind is a quote from Dorothy "A dog doesn't move on his face".  I keep this thought as a reminder to look past the cute adorable puppy face.  The face isn't what makes a show kid.  You have to look at the whole picture, not just one piece.  You have to study structure, movement and attitude.  I have ended up placing several of my "hopefuls" as pets, because I totally missed something I should have seen as an obvious fault. 

    The study of the standard is so important.  You have to understand what it takes to match the movement and structure, seen in the puppy or dog in front of you, to the standard.  It isn't enough just to read the words, you have to study and understand them.  You have to be aware of not only the specifics of the breed, but the basics on structure and movement as well.  Those words are your map, your guide book, as Trish says "the blueprint" and being the "builder" or breeder, I owe it to my fur kids to be the best breeder I can be.

    The first Parti I fell in love with was Shadow Thunder Cloud "Shadow", the father of my girl Mystic Dream Cloud "Cloud".  When I had the chance to visit Leys Heaven Sent Poms, a small Oregon breeder, I had my first real look at the potential  in parties.  I had never seen such a wonderful and amazing combination of color before in a Pom.   I knew then that I

Beau James Gotta Tango at BCPoms

would be making Parti's a major part of my breeding program.  I also could see then that I was going to have to go slow and really understand (study) what it took to refine the type to match the standard.

     Early in 2003 I spotted Tango on the WEB site of Beau James Poms.  I totally fell in love with this boy and couldn't get him out of my mind.  This was what I wanted to see in a Parti.  I was wonderfully impressed with his look and enchanted by the personality that showed through the photos.  After a couple of weeks of talking with Cyndi she agreed to sell him to me.  For our anniversary my husband and I flew out to Ohio to meet her and to get Tango.  I am so appreciative of Cyndi for trusting me with her boy.   I am very excited to get him back into the show ring.

Randy’s Strawberry Shortcake

I have since added girls in Black and Tan, Tri, White and Blue to my program.  Always keeping Parti in mind, all of these girls are Parti or Parti factors.  Just this year, I have added my first "normal" color to

the gang.  I owe many thanks to Randy Buske for allowing me to raise Randy's Strawberry Shortcake.  I am very excited about getting into the ring with my first Orange Sable.  I also have my first bred-by prospects I am keeping my ever watchful eye on.  BCPoms Just a Touch of Mojo "Kitten" just made her debut in the show ring taking a

reserve from the bred-by class her first day out.  Kitten comes from Mojo and my black parti girl Leys Li'i Lielani of BCPoms "Lani".  She has all of Mojo's charisma and more.  I see in her the combination of the best of both Lani and Mojo.  I am very excited in the potential match with Kitten and Tango.

    My Parti litter from Cloud and Tango produced two very pretty girls, BCPoms All That Jazz and More “Jazzy” and BCPoms Doin the Rumba “Rumba” are under the amazing care of Tessa Riley and Vicki Roarke.  Both Vicki and Tessa have become good friends.  Tessa is ever encouraging me to get involved in the UKC ring, which I intend to do, between AKC shows.  Vicki now has her foundation hopefuls and is anxiously waiting for them to grow into adults, ever looking forward to producing her first bred by for the ring.

     I also have an amazing litter of three black and tans from Leys Cameo Lace of BCPoms "Lacy" and Dorothy's Ch Tuffy.  BCPoms Mr Tuff Guy "Bogey" is living with Ann Griffith-Morris and is destine to working toward a title whether it be conformation, obedience/agility, or both is

BCPoms Holdin’ Up The Show “Holder”
BCPoms Just a Touch of Mojo “Kitten”

yet to be seen.  BCPoms Lacy bit o' Tuff "Bitsie" and BCPoms Tough Leather n' Lace "Leather" are the girls.  We are waiting on pins and needles to see how these three hold together.  I am so thankful for Ann and the home that she has given Bogey and will always cherish the friendship that has developed.  Not only does this breeding give me great potential at show type they are also a bonus to my Parti program.  Lacy is parti factor and these girls give me great promise for my Tango breeding’s and since Tango is proven to throw Tri's... oh the anticipation... 

BCPoms Lacy’s Bit O’ Tuff  “Bitsie”

     I am delighted with the showing aspects of this journey as I am with the challenge of getting the right genetic combination.  I love loading all my dogs into the trailer and going off to the show.  I love the grooming, the camaraderie, and the competition.   At this point I am determined that my dogs are owner handled and am trying to figure out how to juggle several upcoming hopefuls through bred by classes.  At times I really wish my husband would take the lead, but he supports in his own gentle way.  Trusting me to take his pickup and leave with my fifth wheel for a road trip, being our resident photographer for the shows he attends, babysitting a couple of Pommie girls when he stays home, and the millions of "honey do's" that seem to keep popping up are just small samples of that quite gentle support that is so greatly appreciated. 

     I don't care to think about what I would do without the support and encouragement of Trish.  She is much more than just my partner.  She is my sounding board, my confidant and my conscious.  We have clicked from the very beginning and I owe her more than I could ever express.  The mentorship I have received from Dorothy has also been invaluable.  I have learned so much from the time we have spent together.  Dorothy has helped me gain confidence in the ring and in puppy evaluation.  I will remember always the hours of puppy evaluation.  I just love evaluating a puppy then waiting to see if she sees the same thing as I did. 

     Over the past few years, I have learned more than I ever thought I needed to learn.  I caught the show bug... and it is sooo addicting.  Not only have I caught that bug, I am hooked on trying to produce, show quality, in exotic colors, and to show them myself.  I am in love with the infinite variety of colors found in Poms and the challenge of putting those colors on the structure and "type" that is found in the more refined oranges.  What we now consider exotics were, at one time, the standards of the breed; and the orange colors, which are now the standards, were considered exotic.  Bringing exotic quality into the range of "standard" with the type, structure and movement are the ultimate goal of my 

Cocoa, Lacy, Mojo and Leilani… just hangin’ around

program.  A lofty one to be sure, not only working to combine the best in genetics for a clear color, but adding into it the parti and exotic coloring.   This is a challenge even to those who have been doing this for many more years than I.  I look to the parti's of Finches, Beau James, and others to see the "type" I am looking for.  By studying the pedigrees of those dogs I see what I need to incorporate into my breeding program.  I have changed my opinions many times, over many things and have found that I had a lot of opinions based totally in ignorance.  I have learned that there is no end to the learning experiences and I take joy in that evolution of learning.  I am never afraid to change those opinions when I am wrong, to admit when I learn something new, or that I am certain that there is much more waiting to learn. 

Now for the story of the union of Gemini n' Beaver Creek Poms.  We share so much in our evolution as breeders and show enthusiasts.  We have common goals and shared values, and have worked to develop a strong relationship that is rare and precious.  We started out with a friendship, then combined our efforts to tutor a friend, continuing to help place a few puppies for her.  From those activities our partnership has grown.  We have shared hotel rooms or a trailer at too many shows to count; always leaving the last more eager than ever before for the next show.  We now have four co-owns and are always anxious for a shared showing experience.  Our two boys, Stealer and Thriller, we expect to make their mark in the show ring (no, not literally...) over the next year. 

     We are not “moons and stars” fanatics, but we stumbled across a reading where Astrology signs were matched up.  We were tickled by the descriptions of our combined personalities because it totally fits us.  "When two Gemini’s partner off, it really is like four people coming together (Gemini is represented by the Twins). This relationship can never be dull, which is a good thing -- these two can get bored easily!  Since they have the same need for intellectual stimulation and nearly-constant chatter, they serve very well as one another's sounding boards off which to bounce new ideas and theories. Gemini is all about freedom and variety of expression, and two Gemini’s together will enjoy this to the fullest. Others enjoy two Gemini’s as a partnership as well -- they're sure to be the life of every party with their sharp wit and well-honed entertainment routine."  The best aspect of the Gemini-Gemini partnership is "The enormous amount of intellectual energy and stimulation they provide one another. They are able to save one another from leading a mundane existence. Together they can entertain the world and accomplish more than either could alone."  Anyone who knows us at all will relate to how true this is.  We can talk way into the night, then start out the day talking some more.  Going a million miles an hour changing topics mid stream, sometimes leaving our baffled friends wondering where they got lost in the conversation.  Our husbands sometimes get annoyed when we spend the entire weekend together, just to call each other the same day because there is still something more to share.  We love challenging what we think we know with theories on how things could be, continually asking "what if...".

     The combination of our resources has allowed us to increase our gene pool and broaden our programs while still maintaining the low numbers in our homes.  It is important to us that our dogs remain our pets.  They are in our home, under foot, on the couch and in the bed.  Neither of us wants to get to the point where we are not able to spend the time with them that they deserve.   We spend much time in the socialization of our puppies and we do our best to provide them the best chance for a great start.

     In searching for a foundation we saw the need to share the knowledge we were finding so exciting.  In discovering this whole new world of quality we felt the need to tell other breeders what we were learning.  We learned to evaluate, to see a good moving dog and that even a good breeder, who had be doing this work for decades, may not be aware of the subtle differences that make a show dog.  In sharing with others we are able to teach a bit of what we are in the continual process of learning.  All fluffy puppies are cute, but not all are meant to be show dogs.  It has been an ongoing adventure to discover why that dog moves the way it does and why that movement is so important.  We are continually excited about what is just around the next corner.

     Most of the people who have been important to us as individuals have also been important to our partnership.  Some of the people mentioned here are so modest; they have no idea what they have done for us.  We owe Dorothy, our mentor, so much for her patience in teaching us the ropes, all of the grooming hours and great chats.  Robin is such an important part of our lives.  Great friends like Michele Arvanites, who even though she lives far away (Vegas) has managed to maintain a very close relationship and shared showing experiences long distance.  We have developed a reciprocal relationship with her and value her deeply.  When someone shares the life of a dog, whether through purchase, gift, breeding or something else, they become our family.  We make it our goal to not pass up the opportunity to make a friend in this journey and take the time that was once so generously given to us.  We can all be a student, mentor, teacher or friend for someone.

      We have gained many friendships as we follow our path.  Some of those include Linda Tindle, who was pivotal by taking her leap to start showing and in turn introduced us to our new passion of exhibiting the dogs we love.  Never forgetting friends like Jesse Klein, Roxann Mellem, Lori Solomon, Naomi Bryant, Randy Buske, Shelley Martin, Lori Cole, Cindy Sickler, Lori Drew, Vicki Roarke, Teresa White, Shelley Martin, Barbara Raymond and many others (there are just to many too name them all) for their unending support and encouragement.   Also to experienced exhibitors in the fancy, like Kelly Smith and Tish Cannon,  who took the time to lend some knowledge to a couple of “newbie’s”.  They presented us with some great pointers in getting started.   Thank you all for taking the time. 

      Even though we still have a long road to travel, we have come a long way already.  We can share bits of advice from our learning and a friendly smile of encouragement.   Rest assured, we will never forget that the journey is never done. 


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