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I would like to Thank Shelley of Poetry Poms for writing this.
It is a tribute to our girl Robin, who we lost in whelping; and her baby BudWeiser.

************ ********* *********
You know of the myth regarding the Pot of Gold at the far end of the rainbow.
************ ********* *********

 It is not a myth,

at one end of the rainbow is the Rainbow Bridge at the other end of the rainbow is what has been mistaken by Leprechauns as the Pot of Gold

It is not a Pot of Gold,

it is a very large Golden whelping pen that the Leprechaun's mistakenly thought was a Pot. The shiny items they witnessed in the Pot was not gold nuggets but are puppies.

 The Elder Dogs of the Rainbow Bridge in their ultimate wisdom knew that these helpless young puppies needed constant care, the same care their loving breeders had given them, but to no avail.

So the Golden whelping pen was designed.

Further to distinguish the Elders in their ultimate wisdom was the thought as to how to care for these young ones. There was only one choice, the Elders knew that only the best dams could undertake this labor of love.

These dams  are precious mothers who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge while in whelp or shortly thereafter.

The Elders at the Rainbow Bridge are immediately informed of these dams and their exceptional mothering skills so they send them to the Golden whelping pen to take care of the tiny puppies who have passed over the Rainbow Bridge but are too small to run and play like all the others who had come over the Rainbow Bridge

These pups who are sent to the Golden whelping pen glow a golden hue as a tribute to their breeders who fought to save them.

Those who had no real breeders glow a brighter golden hue as a recognition to their abandonment.

Very few people or Leprechaun's for that matter have ever seen the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow because of a few very protective mother dogs who are watching and protecting the Golden whelping pen and their precious golden nuggets.

So now you know the whole story.


Author - Shelley Wiemer-Martin
poetrY POMS



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