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Timer - part of Displaced Pets Rescue October 2011 Mass Surrender.

I should have known that it was all over for me when I un-dressed my teddy bear to find an "outfit" for Timer.  This little guy has captured my heart and will find a loving home here for the rest of his life.  After 15 years of doing rescue with 2 years as www.DisplacedPetsRescue.com, I am generally delighted to be placing them into great homes, this is the first rescue that I haven't been able to part with.  Getting them into homes is just one of the best things about the whole process.  At just under 3 lbs Timer sits on the palm of my hand.  I am guessing him to be 13+ years, he is blind in one eye and nearsighted in the other.  He has arthritis and is hard of hearing, but is the sweetest love of a boy. 
He is also destine to become one of our "Feature Animals" in the rescue logo and ads.

Below are the pictures of Timer when he came in to the rescue and as he went through the cleanup process.
Before the trimming begins

Sheila and Jamie clipping the mats from his belly and privates

As we began removing the mats from Timer we found the revealed skin very angry and sore.  He is so tiny and was very stressed at this point so we opted to use the clippers as we didn't want more irritation than was there already.
Timer was such a sweet patient boy in getting through this invasive cleanup.

Eva, our Doberman has been very concerned with all of the rescue dogs going through this cleanup.  She comes and checks on every one of them to make sure that they are OK.  The concern on her face is amazing.
This is Timer after we are all finished with his cleanup.
He has a great time romping in the grass and letting everyone know that he feels great.

There are currently small breed rescues available at

Breeder Challenge - If every person who breeds would rescue from a shelter, and place into loving homes, 3 of their breed per year.  Imagine how that would impact the number dogs in our over filled rescues and shelters.

If you are not able to do that, then donate to a rescue to help them do that.  Meaningful donations do not have to be funds, they can be time, bedding or equipment you no longer need.  Even a bag of food once in a while will go far in removing one dog from a shelter.

If you are already doing that Thank You for doing your part!


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