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BCPoms Getín There Lil By Lil  "Lilly"
BCPoms Datís D Way I Like It  
DOB 01/21/2006
Dam:  Southstar's Lil' bit-o-dis of BCPoms
Sire:  CH Gemini's Rockin One Nite Stand

Lilly and KC are my tiny miracle girls.
They now live in very loving homes, but have touched my life in ways that I will never forget.

These girls are from Dis and Souvy and they are both drop dead gorgeous with wonderful outgoing personalities.  Tiny sort backs, wonderful tail set... everything it takes... except for volume...  one full year these girls are each 2lbs 4ozs. These are my true miracle babies, they were born ~8 days early, were completely hairless.  They were part of a litter of four, one boy died at birth and I lost the other boy through weaning.  At 8 weeks, he was just 7 ounces and didn't have the body mass to make it through weaning.  As with so many of the tiny ones they have a delicate nature.  They are my heart, they are only alive because I was stubborn enough to keep them going, hand feeding for five months, soothing them through seizures when they had a bad vaccine reaction, and refusing to put them down when the Vet had given up hope.

I was thrilled when Sheila took over their care for a couple of  months to work with them and give them some wonderful 1:1 training and care.  Thanks to Sheila she helped them over come a dependency on each other and me that I felt was going to exist forever.  After a year and a half of love and careful attention and training, from myself then Sheila, Lilly and KC are now placed in wonderful loving pet homes.  They will always remain a special part of my heart and hopefully I will be able to see them often.  Parting with these two was one of the hardest things that I have ever done, but I know that the 1:1 love and attention they are getting in their new homes will give them the best possible environment for the rest of their lives as they are truly being treasured.

BCPoms Getín There Lil By Lil  "Lilly" (Black and Tan)
BCPoms Datís D Way I Like It   "KCĒ (White)
1 year 2lb 4ozs each

7months and 1lb 12ozs

7months and  2lbs even

13 weeks

4 weeks


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